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WW2 Commonwealth War Graves

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission database lists 91 individuals who bore the surname Cave (or a derivative) and who lost their lives during WW2 whilst serving with the Commonwealth forces or who died as a result of enemy action. We aim to record as much information as we can about each individual to assist you in your research. The society is interested to hear from anyone (Members and Non-Members) who has information pertaining to any of those listed. We are particularly keen to obtain photographs of the individuals, biographical or family information as well as photographs of their Commonwealth War Graves and or a family grave or local memorial where they are commemorated.

The Cave FHS is grateful to Gordon Seyffert who has supplied information on American WW2 casualties


Tower Hill Memorial

Cemetery Tower Hill Memorial PlaqueAmong the 24,000 of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets whose names are honoured on the walls of the garden at Tower Hill memorial and who gave their lives for their country and have no grave but the sea are:

  • Archibald Cave
  • John Alfred Cave
  • John Merry Cave
  • Wilfred Leslie Cave
  • William Robert Cave

Cemetery Tower Hill Memorial GardenThe CAVE FHS would be grateful to anyone who is able to visit and photograph a memorial and entry of any of the 91 Men and Women with the surname CAVE, CAVIE, CAVEY, CAVES and CAVE-BROWN who lost their lives during WW2 and are commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves Debt of Honour Register.

The following is a list of UK memorials where you will find a listing. If you are able to photograph a memorial please send a digital copy electronically to our Administrator.



  • Banbridge Town Cemetery – Frederick Cave – Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)


  • Shapwick (St. Bartholomew) Churchyard – Edward William Cave – Royal Artillery
  • Wool (Holyrood) Churchyard & Extension – John William O’Halloran Cave – Rifle Brigade


  • West Ham, County Borough – Florence Susan Cave (Civilian)
  • Ilford Municipal Borough – Amy Cave (Civilian)


  • Chatham Naval Memorial – William John Dalziel Cave – Royal Navy
  • Chatham Naval Memorial – Cyril John Cave – Royal Marines
  • Orpington (St. Mary Cray) Cemetery – Sidney Henry Cave – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve


  • Blackpool (Carleton) Cemetery – John William Caves – Royal Artillery
  • Liverpool County Borough – Frederick John Cave (Civilian)
  • Liverpool (Toxteth Park) Cemetery – Frances Neville Cave – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
  • Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery – Charles Cave – Royal Army Medical Corps


  • Birstall (St. James) Churchyard – Walter John Thomas Cave – General Service Corps


  • Edmonton Municipal Borough – Doris Cave (Civilian)


  • Nottingham Southern Cemetery – Dennis Robert Cave – Royal Navy


  • Banbury Cemetery – Ronald Cave – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve


  • Runnymede Memorial – William Walter Cave – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
  • Runnymede Memorial – William Cave – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
  • Runnymede Memorial – George Cave – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
  • Runnymede Memorial – Cyril George Cave – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
  • Wimbledon Municipal Borough – Jessie Cavie (Civilian)


  • Nuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemetery – Winifred Gertrude Caves – Auxiliary Territorial Service


  • Dewsbury Cemetery – Osmond David Cave – Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Halifax (Stoney Royd) Cemetery – Eric William Cave – Home Guard
  • Leeds (Armley) Cemetery – John Tatton Trevor Cave – Grenadier Guards


WWII List Entries

Names marked in BLUE link to the Commonwealth War Graves Comission website.

NameRankService NoDate of DeathAgeRegiment / ServiceNationalityGrave / Memorial Ref.Cemetery / Memorial Name
1CAVE , ARCHIBALD Fireman and Trimmer26/01/194248Merchant NavyUnited KingdomPanel 109.TOWER HILL MEMORIAL
2CAVE , AMY Civilian19/02/194551Civilian War DeadUnited KingdomILFORD, MUNICIPAL BOROUGH
3CAVE , ARTHUR BENJAMIN Gunner89268329/01/194432Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomColl. grave 4. A. 5-7.IMPHAL WAR CEMETERY
4CAVE , ALAN BOWLING SignalmanP/SD/X 134721/12/194328Royal Naval Volunteer ReserveUnited KingdomPanel 80, Column 2.PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
5CAVE , ALFRED ERNEST Private630001403/02/194420The Buffs (Royal East Kent RegimUnited KingdomPanel 4.CASSINO MEMORIAL
6CAVE , ARTHUR ERNEST Flight Sergeant61526231/07/194121Royal Air ForceUnited KingdomSec. 19.C. Grave 362A.WALLASEY (RAKE LANE) CEMETERY
7CAVE , ALBERT FERDINAND Squadron Leader3522223/09/194443Royal Air ForceUnited KingdomSec. 3. Grave 750.HAVANT AND WATERLOO (WARBLINGTON
8CAVE , ALAN FREDERICK Aircraftman 1st Class300167521/05/194620Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited Kingdom2. B. 11.RAWALPINDI WAR CEMETERY
9CAVE , ARTHUR FREDERICK SerjeantT/22681916/03/194531Royal Army Service CorpsUnited KingdomVI, D, 20.FORLI WAR CEMETERY
10CAVE , ARTHUR JAMES Gunner156909827/03/194431Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomFace 2.RANGOON MEMORIAL
11CAVE , ARTHUR LESLIE LEONARD Private47558227/18/194329East Yorkshire RegimentUnited KingdomI. G. 19.CATANIA WAR CEMETERY, SICILY
12CAVE , CHARLES Private738045705/03/1947UnknownRoyal Army Medical CorpsUnited KingdomSec. 22. C. of E. Grave 1289.LIVERPOOL (ANFIELD) CEMETERY
13CAVE , CYRIL GEORGE Sergeant132500107/11/194222Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomPanel 79.RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL
14CAVE , CYRIL JOHN SergeantCH/X 215701/11/194425Royal MarinesUnited Kingdom79, 1.CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL
15CAVE , CHARLES JOSEPH REGINALD Lieutenant18/12/194028Royal NavyUnited KingdomPanel 36, Column 3.PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
16CAVE , CHARLES MAURICE EDWARD  Gunner573027616/04/194322Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomVI. E. 18.ENFIDAVILLE WAR CEMETERY
17CAVE , CHARLES ROBERT Corporal647142313/05/194430Royal Fusiliers (City of London United KingdomXVI. B. 2.CASSINO WAR CEMETERY
18CAVE , DORIS Civilian27/12/194017Civilian War DeadUnited KingdomEDMONTON, MUNICIPAL BOROUGH
19CAVE , DENNIS ROBERT Able SeamanP/JX 62745013/10/194721Royal NavyUnited KingdomSec. K.25. Grave 8.NOTTINGHAM SOUTHERN CEMETERY
20CAVE , EDWARD COLIN Aircraftman 1st Class128768231/10/1944UnknownRoyal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomColumn 440.SINGAPORE MEMORIAL
21CAVE , EDWARD JAMES Sergeant167165723/03/194421Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited Kingdom27. A. 11.REICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY
22CAVE , ERNEST JOHN DENNIS Lieutenant19826826/02/194327Royal ArtilleryUnited Kingdom11. H. 1.MEDJEZ-EL-BAB WAR CEMETERY
23CAVE , EDWARD NORMAN Flying Officer17486514/03/194524Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomPlot 2. Coll. grave 72-77.IRVINESTOWN CHURCH OF IRELAND CH
24CAVE , ERIC WILLIAM Serjeant10/12/194242Home GuardUnited KingdomSec. J. Grave 249.HALIFAX (STONEY ROYD) CEMETERY
25CAVE , EDWARD WILLIAM Gunner1425419229/11/194326Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomN.E. corner of churchyard.SHAPWICK (ST. BARTHOLOMEW) CHURC
26CAVE , FREDERICK Flight Sergeant59097513/03/1943UnknownRoyal Air ForceUnited KingdomColumn 269.ALAMEIN MEMORIAL
27CAVE , FREDERICK Corporal395882327/05/194129Royal Fusiliers (City of London United KingdomSec. E. (F) Grave 115.BANBRIDGE TOWN CEMETERY
28CAVE , FRANCIS DONALD Private1474805123/11/194418Duke of Cornwall's Light InfantrUnited Kingdom47. E. 8.REICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY
29CAVE , FREDERICK JOHN Civilian03/05/194117Civilian War DeadUnited KingdomLIVERPOOL, COUNTY BOROUGH
30CAVE , FRANCIS NEVILLE Sergeant106702504/08/194119Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomSec. 8. Cons. Grave 659.LIVERPOOL (TOXTETH PARK) CEMETER
31CAVE , FLORENCE SUSAN  Civilian07/09/194054Civilian War DeadUnited KingdomWEST HAM, COUNTY BOROUGH
32CAVE , GEORGE Private403589404/11/194125King's Shropshire Light InfantryUnited KingdomGrave A. 154.ROODEWEG CEMETERY, ISLAND of CUR
33CAVE , GEORGE Sergeant149692114/02/194322Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomPanel 144.RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL
34CAVE , GEORGE CHARLES MONTAGUE M.Lieutenant17601614/07/194322Devonshire RegimentUnited KingdomI. B. 15.CATANIA WAR CEMETERY, SICILY
35CAVE , GEORGE HARRY MarineEX/513715/10/194424Royal MarinesUnited KingdomBlock "S". Plot 1. Row J. Grave ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, RO
36CAVE , HARRY Rifleman324730724/06/194424Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)United Kingdom4.C.4.GAUHATI WAR CEMETERY
37CAVE , HORACE GEORGE Fusilier511809607/04/194329Royal Inniskilling FusiliersUnited KingdomFace 11.RANGOON MEMORIAL
38CAVE , HENRY J.Petty OfficerD/J 10656021/04/194134Royal NavyUnited KingdomSp. Mem. Sec. C. Cons. Grave 366PLYMOUTH (WESTON MILL) CEMETERY
39CAVE , ISABELLA Civilian12/03/194139Civilian War DeadUnited KingdomBIRKENHEAD, (Landican) COUNTY BO
40CAVE , JACK Private365700111/05/194527Royal Army Ordnance CorpsUnited Kingdom59. C. 3.REICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY
41CAVE , JOHN ALFRED Able Seaman08/03/194128Merchant NavyUnited KingdomPanel 73.TOWER HILL MEMORIAL
42CAVE , JAMES HENRY Lance Corporal1461899502/07/194421Welch RegimentUnited KingdomVIII. C. 20.BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY
43CAVE , JOSEPH JOHN Signalman233519930/04/194121Royal Corps of SignalsUnited KingdomEast of church. Grave 247.BEAUDESERT (ST. NICHOLAS) CHURCH
44CAVE , JACK MILTON Pilot Officer4370030/10/194021Royal Air ForceUnited KingdomWADDINGTON (ST. MICHAEL) CHURCHY
45CAVE , JOHN MERRY Apprentice05/12/194019Merchant NavyUnited KingdomPanel 98.TOWER HILL MEMORIAL
46CAVE , JOHN TATTON TREVOR  Guardsman262446918/06/194418Grenadier GuardsUnited KingdomSec. G. Grave 1248.LEEDS (ARMLEY) CEMETERY
47CAVE , JAMES VINCENT Gunner170034719/01/194537Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomQ. C. 11.LABUAN WAR CEMETERY
48CAVE , JOHN WILLIAM O'HALLORAN Rifleman691297804/10/193926Rifle BrigadeUnited KingdomGrave 13.WOOL (HOLY ROOD) CHURCHYARD AND
49CAVE , KEITH HYLTON Lieutenant61543214/04/194533New Zealand InfantryNew ZealandVIII, B, 19.FORLI WAR CEMETERY
50CAVE , LEONARD JAMES Private279516/11/194242Hong Kong Volunteer Defence CorpUnited Kingdom1. A. 79.STANLEY MILITARY CEMETERY
51CAVE , NORMAN Private518600230/05/194019Gloucestershire RegimentUnited KingdomRow B. Grave 6.LEDRINGHEM CHURCHYARD
52CAVE , NORMAN FOSTER Private198514710/04/194322Army Catering CorpsUnited Kingdom9. H. 14.MEDJEZ-EL-BAB WAR CEMETERY
53CAVE , OBADIAH Sergeant65826615/05/194327Royal Air ForceUnited KingdomPanel 8, Column 1.MALTA MEMORIAL
54CAVE , OSMOND DAVID Lance Serjeant189152823/11/194223Royal Electrical and Mechanical United KingdomCons. Sec. A. Grave 588.DEWSBURY CEMETERY
55CAVE , PETER Lieutenant24/04/194228Royal MarinesUnited KingdomPanel 70, Column 2.PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
56CAVE , PETER MAURICE Gunner1432607112/06/194420Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomPanel 11, Column 3.BAYEUX MEMORIAL
57CAVE , ROBERT Civilian12/03/194140Civilian War DeadUnited KingdomBIRKENHEAD, (Landican) COUNTY BO
58CAVE , RONALD Sergeant102988722/09/194321Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomGrave 11641.BANBURY CEMETERY
59CAVE , RALPH Stoker 1st ClassD/MX 9013517/09/1939UnknownRoyal NavyUnited KingdomPanel 34, Column 2.PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
60CAVE , RAYMOND Flying Officer17488112/09/194421Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited Kingdom15. A. 1.REICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY
61CAVE , RONALD HARRY  Fusilier698193618/01/194423Royal Inniskilling FusiliersUnited KingdomVII, F, 15.MINTURNO WAR CEMETERY
62CAVE , STANLEY Air Mechanic 2nd ClassFAA/FX. 7755917/01/194121Royal NavyUnited KingdomBay 2, Panel 4.LEE-ON-SOLENT MEMORIAL
63CAVE , STANLEY CLIFFORD Gunner106578125/09/194737Royal Horse ArtilleryUnited KingdomGen. Sec. F. 2. Row 8. Grave 22.FORD PARK CEMETERY (FORMERLY PLY
64CAVE , SIDNEY HENRY Squadron Leader8449909/07/1942UnknownRoyal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomPlot E. Div. 3. Plot 113.ORPINGTON (ST. MARY CRAY) CEMETE
65CAVE , SYDNEY JOHN Petty Officer Stoker2062404/03/194227Royal Australian NavyAustralianPanel 73, Column 2.PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
66CAVE , STEPHEN KENNETH PrivateB/15842508/07/194633Calgary Highlanders, R.C.I.C.CanadianGrave 4712.TORONTO (PARK LAWN) CEMETERY
67CAVE , THOMAS Ordinary SeamanP/JX 38070508/03/1944UnknownRoyal NavyUnited KingdomPanel 94.PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
68CAVE , TERENCE CHARLES Serjeant155069812/02/194424Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomColumn 2.EAST AFRICA MEMORIAL
69CAVE , THOMAS PHILLIP JOHN Trooper795761710/05/194524Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C.United KingdomVIII. F. 6.FAENZA WAR CEMETERY
70CAVE , VERNER GRENVILLE Flight Lieutenant41505931/03/194526Royal New Zealand Air ForceNew Zealand8. D. 2.BELGRADE WAR CEMETERY
71CAVE , WILLIAM Sergeant75164810/11/1940UnknownRoyal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomPanel 12.RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL
72CAVE , WILLIAM CHARLES Sailor01/02/194238Canadian Merchant NavyCanadianPanel 22.HALIFAX MEMORIAL
73CAVE , WILLIAM JOHN DALZIEL Stoker 1st ClassC/KX 9086709/05/194025Royal NavyUnited Kingdom38, 2.CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL
74CAVE , WALTER JOHN THOMAS Private1407648904/051946UnknownGeneral Service CorpsUnited KingdomEast of Church.BIRSTALL (ST. JAMES) CHURCHYARD
75CAVE , WILFRED LESLIE Fourth Engineer Officer30/05/194125Merchant NavyUnited KingdomPanel 22.TOWER HILL MEMORIAL
76CAVE , WILLIAM OVERTON  Major9636003/04/194431Queen's Own Royal West Kent RegiUnited KingdomFace 16.RANGOON MEMORIAL
77CAVE , WILLIAM ROBERT Lamp Trimmer19/08/194431Merchant NavyUnited KingdomPanel 117.TOWER HILL MEMORIAL
78CAVE , WILLIAM THOMAS Able SeamanP/JX 12774723/10/194130Royal NavyUnited KingdomPanel 47, Column 2.PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
79CAVE , WILLIAM WALTER Squadron Leader8670607/05/1943UnknownRoyal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomPanel 118.RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL
80CAVE-BROWNE , EDWARD HENRY Flying Officer10619416/02/194320Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited KingdomIV. L. 38.CATANIA WAR CEMETERY, SICILY
81CAVES , BERNARD JAMES  Private595064530/01/194323The Queen's Royal Regiment (WestUnited KingdomColumn 54.ALAMEIN MEMORIAL
82CAVES , JOHN JAMES Serjeant702014531/03/194522Glider Pilot Regiment, A.A.C.United Kingdom10. A. 14.BERLIN 1939-1945 WAR CEMETERY
83CAVES , JOHN WILLIAM Lance Serjeant474165223/11/194538Royal ArtilleryUnited KingdomSec. A. Grave 529.BLACKPOOL (CARLETON) CEMETERY
84CAVES , LESLIE THOMAS Fusilier1303054421/01/194528Royal Irish FusiliersUnited KingdomPanel 11.CASSINO MEMORIAL
85CAVES , ROBERT Stoker 2nd ClassD/KX 9712505/11/193921Royal NavyUnited KingdomPanel 34, Column 3.PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
86CAVES , WINIFRED GERTRUDE Lance CorporalW/8737907/04/1942UnknownAuxiliary Territorial ServiceUnited KingdomSec. C. Grave 215.NUNEATON (OASTON ROAD) CEMETERY
87CAVEY , EMMANUEL  Lance Corporal789582215/06/194121Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C.United KingdomColumn 22.ALAMEIN MEMORIAL
88CAVEY , JOHN Private396207806/06/194423Parachute Regiment, A.A.C.United KingdomSp. Mem. IV. K. 6.LA DELIVRANDE WAR CEMETERY, DOUV
89CAVEY , JESSIE Civilian30/06/194463Civilian War DeadUnited KingdomWIMBLEDON, MUNICIPAL BOROUGH
90CAVEY , LEONARD WILLIAM Private764098101/06/194121Royal Army Ordnance CorpsUnited Kingdom3. D. 8.ISMAILIA WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY
91CAVIE , JACK GEORGE  Sergeant133018527/09/194320Royal Air Force Volunteer ReservUnited Kingdom14. C. 1.REICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY